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About the Farm

Cross Timbers Farm in Blanchard, Oklahoma is a family owned farm and business.  Although the farm is home to many animals and multiple farming and family projects, we specialize in producing quality theraputic skin care products from the wholesome milk of our dearly loved dairy goat herd.

Our lovely and congenial herd of dairy goats provides the goat's milk which makes our soap and lotion recipes so unique and gives them such beneficial properties.

Over fifty-two different soap recipes combine all-natural, high quality oils, butters, and essential oils with the healing properties of goat's milk protein and enzymes to produce skin care products healthy for all skin types, conditions and needs.

Our Goat's Milk soaps and lotions are now marketed nation-wide through website sales and specialty stores such as Native Roots and Whole Foods Market.  We have been members and producers with the Oklahoma Food Cooperative since 2006!

Each of our soaps and lotions is listed on this website.  You will find them in the Farm Store pages listed in alphabetical order and with a complete description of beneficial properties as well as the fragrance you may expect to enjoy when using them.

We can provide special pricing on orders of 50 bars or more, and we do sell wholesale to retail store customers.  Direct questions concerning this to .

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