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Holiday Five Bar Goats Milk Soap Assortment

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Our Fall Goats Milk Soap Assortment is a package of five soaps selected for their warming relaxing aroma and the natural properties they possess to sooth and heal the skin.


Cocoa Vanilla Swirl:

A delightful bar of soap with smooth lather and a wonderfully warm chocolate brownie vanilla swirl that is both artful and pleasing to the senses.

Dutch Apple Seed and Cinnamon:

This soap has a delightful blend of spice oils to provide a zesty cleansing of the skin. Flax and Apple seed are added for their antioxidant properties, vitamin E and omega 3. Relax, enjoy a luxurious lather with the spicy aroma of dutch apple and the calming touch of cinnamon.

Frankinsense and Myrrh:

Frankincense and Myrrh Essential Oils are added to this recipe.

A swirl of Alkanet root powder give it a lovely mix of purple and gold.

Peppermint Candy Stripe

This is a really fun fall twist of peppermint oils and red, cream and green festive color swirls.  Bound to pep up your day and add a zing to your sences.  Stimulating to the skin circulation and exhilarting to the mind and heart with its lovely aroma.  One of our favorite fall candies, now in a soap.  (Non edible of course).

Pine Cone and Juniper

A walk in the pine woods.  Thoughts of the Rocky Mountains just at the snow line.  Fall foliage on the Apalachian Trail.  You get the picture.  Acorns rolling under your feet and a crispness to the breeze.  Now you can enjoy all that in the warmth of your bath, and benefit from all the mind and soul stimulations of cedar oils, juniper oil, pine needle oil and eucalyptus.  You know this is good for the respiration.  and it comes with Goat's Milk goodness.


Order this assortment for a savings of 1.40 per bar.  If you wish to send it as a gift, just put the recipient's address in the "send to" portion of the order form.  You may write a greeting to the recipient in the notes/questions portion of the order form and we will make certain to include it in the order.  Gifts made easy.

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