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Welcome to Cross Timbers Farm in Blanchard, Oklahoma. Located in the heart of Oklahoma, Cross Timbers is a family farm specializing in raising six wonderful youngsters and their fabulous herd of Registered Nubian dairy goats, Saanen dairy goats, and Alpine Dairy Goats. Our dairy goat herd consists of top quality animals of exemplary genetics.

The Nubian herd comes from Kastdemur, and Copper Hill genetics; the Saanen goats from Loughlin's, Tradewinds, and Des-Ruhigestelle bloodlines; and the Alpine herd from Harmody Acres, Stawberry Fields and Windrush Farms.

Our dairy goat herd is on continuous DHIR testing, and are Linear Appraised bi-annually. We provide all-natural raw goat's milk to farm customers and offer a full line of all-natural goat's milk products including Goat's Milk Soaps, Goat's milk Lotions, and Goat's Milk Laundry Soap. Our goat's milk soap and lotion ingredients are all pure and natural high quality oils and butters, and supply all the therapeutic properties of Goat's Milk.

You can keep up with everything that is happening on the farm by "liking" us at www.facebook.com/crosstimbersfarmdairygoats.

We do offer all natural goat milk as well as many other goat's milk products; so stop and stay awhile and explore our site, we hope you enjoy the farm as much as we do.

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